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MSLCE Students Visit Full Service Media Agency

By Lauren Vernea

MSLCE students recently participated in a site visit to the world renowned full-service media agency, Mediavest Spark at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. The company’s newly formed content department provides all forms of media from short films to mobile apps driven to connect clients with their brands.

MSLCE students were given a full presentation of the breadth of projects the organization handles. We saw a remarkable docu-series on real families using a breast feeding alternative formula for their children. Another web series featured a beef jerky genie who helps young men do “adulting” tasks which are normally a chore. The company explained that the goal of that series was to get young millennial men interested in beef jerky again. The content department does an excellent job of weaving storylines together to create fresh and modern content for consumers and brands.

With all of the department’s projects, Mediavest is invested from conception to broadcast. For many clients they originate the idea for the brand and decide on what type of content to create, From there, they work with Chicago production companies to complete the script, supply a production team, and shoot the content. Mediavest staff are present at all shoots and collaborations with production companies. This is to ensure the client’s brand and message are maintained.

As a content producer, it has been inspiring to see that there are more avenues in the industry besides TV/Film networks and companies. Chicago has an array of available opportunities for creatives who want to make content, but want the stability of a more advertising driven agency.

Our site visit to Mediavest Spark’s content department was an exciting look into what the world of filmmaking and content production can be.

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