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MSLCE NYC Trip: Finding My Story, Philosophy and Community

by Matt MeadeSpring sunlight shined as we walked through Midtown Manhattan to our first site visit at the offices of Kevin McCullum’s theatrical and media producing company. Alchemation is unique and fresh — just like Kevin’s approach to life and leadership. As an orphaned child from Hawaii who transitioned from actor to producer, Kevin stressed

MSLCE Students Engage with Creatives in New York City

By Nick RomanAs the winter quarter came to a close, MSLCE students and faculty packed their bags and headed out to one of three trek immersions: New York City, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.  While all three connected students with invaluable professionals and companies in the creative industries, New York stood out as the heart

MSLCE Students Meet with Tony-Winning Broadway Producers on NY Trek

By Joe Giovannetti After a rousing first two days in the Big Apple, the students of the MSLCE cohort woke up energized and ready to see what the second half of the NYC immersion trek would bring. They didn’t have to go far, as three interesting guests would visit them in the hotel that morning.

MSLCE Students Head to NYC for Industry Immersion Trek

By John Hounihan Over the break between quarters, the MSLCE program set forth on its yearly Industry Immersion treks to the media capitals of the United States. For half of the cohort, that meant a week in the Big Apple.