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Natalie Agbele Wants to Be a Digital Media Entrepreneur

By Jacob Nelson After years studying economics and finance, Natalie Agbele realized that she did not want to professionally pursue either of those subject for the rest of her life. “My dad is an accountant, so I thought I’d be one as well,” the MSLCE student said recently. “But I don’t want to do finance…

Dan Heck Leads MSLCE Students in Project Management Workshop

By Natalie Agbele Project management is a field increasingly used in all kinds of businesses. As aspiring leaders, it is important to gain the necessary skills needed to manage projects and teams. “Every project has to attempt a scope, schedule, and resources,” said Dan Heck, a certified Project Management Professional who led the first MSLCE

MSLCE Students Learn How to Release a Film from Chicago’s Music Box Films

By Natalie Agbele Ever heard of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Have you ever wondered who made it possible for the film to go to theater screens, as well as other foreign films like Ida, and the award-winning Monsieur Lahzhar? Music Box Films made that happen, and MSLCE students were given the opportunity to visit