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Tag: MSLCE2020

Shifting Business Models and Exhibitions at the wndr Museum

by Samantha SartoriIn grad school, we read a lot of case studies.This quarter in our Business Models course, we’re discovering the importance for companies to be able to shift their business model when the time is right.So when we took a visit to wndr museum and met with their team, it ended up being a

A Balancing Act: Executive and Artistic Leadership in the Performing Arts Speaker Series

by Samantha SartoriDay and night.Yin and yang.Left and right.You can’t have one without the other.The same holds true for performing arts organizations: you can’t have the artistic side without the executive side.Our MSLCE Speaker Series this winter set out to demystify how the two sides come together to connect the creative and artistic vision with

How Cinespace Film Studios is Supporting a Growing Industry in Chicago

by Samantha Sartori Support. Whether providing resources, aiding financially or bearing some of the weight, every company needs support to be successful. When we think about the creative industries, we often focus on the creative work they’re doing, the art or content that’s being made. But none of that would be possible without the behind-the-scenes support.In