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Unique DaCosta is Combining Work and Play

By Miya Williams Fayne Unique DaCosta is interacting with music on a multitude of levels. She has a background in singing and is currently participating in the business side of the industry with like-minded people at Pandora. “The culture at Pandora is pretty awesome because everybody loves music and it’s a given,” she said. “It

MSLCE Students Learn the ‘Power of Pitching’ in Laverne McKinnon’s Course

By Dominique Warren From the first day of The Power of Pitching class, Professor Laverne McKinnon challenged MSLCE students to rethink “pitching” as a match to be made, not a prize to be won.  Ultimately, students learned that the most important element of a pitch is the person delivering it. People invest in other people

MSCLE Students Look Inward in Innovative, Unconventional Pitching Course

By Joe Giovannetti “We are all creative, resourceful, and whole.” Laverne McKinnon, Adjunct Lecturer and Head of Television at Denver and Delilah, shared this sentiment as members of the MSLCE cohort completed their first graduate class, “Pitching Creative Projects.” On their first day, these students quickly learned that that this was no ordinary graduate course.