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Tag: Joe Giovannetti

Joe Giovannetti is Experiencing the Best of Both Worlds

By Miya Williams Fayne “The program is what you put into it,” Joe Giovannetti said in reflection on his time as an MSLCE student. If his current position is any representation of that belief, then he is certainly reaping the benefits of his labor.

Susan Carver Leads Cultural Intelligence Seminar

By Joe Giovannetti Caring, Confidentiality, Candor, Commitment, and Compassion. These are the 5 C’s that Susan Carver established during the MSLCE cohort’s first day-long seminar of the spring quarter: Cultural Intelligence and Managing Inclusion. Throughout the day, Carver would help move the students through activities that focused on the topics of assumptions, oppression, privilege, and

MSLCE Student Hopes to Pivot from Theater Teacher to Administrator

By Jacob Nelson Joe Giovannetti has known he wanted to pursue a career in theater since high school. Not as a student, but as a teacher. Giovannetti was the director of choral activities at Arlington Heights High School. “I taught choir and theater at the high school level, and so what interested me is that