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Dan Heck Leads MSLCE Students in Project Management Workshop

By Natalie Agbele Project management is a field increasingly used in all kinds of businesses. As aspiring leaders, it is important to gain the necessary skills needed to manage projects and teams. “Every project has to attempt a scope, schedule, and resources,” said Dan Heck, a certified Project Management Professional who led the first MSLCE

MSLCE Students Learn What It Takes To Be A Project Manager

By John Matthew Simon Today, we’re taking a look at one of our core classes and what students learned. Here’s MSLCE student John Matthew Simon describing our Project Management course, taught by Dan Heck: Managing projects in creative environments can be difficult due to the emotive nature of creatives and their ideation processes. As future

Design on a Deadline – Lessons in Project Management from First Stage Design Supervisor Brandon Kirkham

By Zach Hyman Students in Professor Dan Heck’s Project Management class heard this past Tuesday from Brandon Kirkham, the Design Supervisor and Costume Crafts Artisan for nationally-acclaimed children’s theater First Stage. “Every single thing I do is a mix of the creative and problem solving,” Kirkham said, describing the balance between managing a team of