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Tag: Collaboraction Theatre

MSLCE Student John Hounihan Helps Plan Festival During Collaboraction Internship

By John HounihanWhat  does it take to put on a play festival?From day one of planning, each piece of an organization must come together to meet the massive needs of dozens of productions. I have faced this head on, as a large part of my internship has been providing support for Collaboraction’s annual PEACEBOOK Festival.

At Collaboraction Theatre, MSLCE Student John Hounihan Sees the Intersection of Arts and Administration Firsthand

By John HounihanCollaboraction Theatre is a mid-size theatre in Wicker Park with a unique take on art and politics: Collaboraction inspires social change through original devised theatre and community engagement that cultivates knowledge, dialogue, and action around Chicago’s most critical social issues. Collaboraction Theatre, along with the for hire and studio space arms of the