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Tag: Agnes Horvat

Interpreting Data in Creative Roles: Culture and Arts Analytics

By ALYSSA HOLCOMB I’ll admit – initially, I was pretty nervous to take a masters-level course with “analytics” in the title. I’ve never been a numbers-minded person – I’d much rather take the reins with my words when explaining things. But after taking Agnes Horvat’s Culture & Arts Analytics class as part of the MSLCE

MSLCE Students Learn to Use Big Data in Creative Industries

By Natalie Agbele A group of MLSCE students were graced this quarter with having Agnes Horvat as their Culture and Art Analytics professor. I happened to be one of them. Agnes Horvat, an Assistant Professor at Northwestern School of Communication, is a computer scientist who focuses on developing theories and methods for studying collective intelligence,

New MSLCE Course will Introduce Students to the World of ‘Big Data’

By Jacob Nelson The term “big data” is everywhere these days, including the creative enterprises. Agnes Horvat’s Culture and Art Analytics course introduces MSLCE students to big data, and equips them with the skills to use big data in cultural markets. “Big data is basically a buzzword and there is so much of it available