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Veronica Clements

Veronica Clements
B.F.A., Painting, Minor in Art History, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Area(s) of Interest: Visual Arts, Fine arts, Arts/music festivals, Non-profit work, Entrepreneurship,

Experience: I recently completed my Museum Studies Certificate from Northwestern in which I created an exhibition proposal and family learning plan highlighting 20 Forgotten Women throughout art history and I really enjoyed this process. I also completely transformed the Middle and Upper School Visual Arts & Videography curriculum for Elgin Academy throughout my 5 years teaching there.

Ideal Job in 10 Years: I would love to be a curator in a museum or gallery or work as a buying consultant for an art gallery or museum. I could also see myself owning my own art gallery and representing emerging women artists.

What led you to enroll in the MSLCE program at Northwestern? I love that it blends art with business and I am really looking forward to completing courses I didn’t get to focus on in my undergraduate studies like economics and cultural nonprofits.

What are you most looking forward to about the MSLCE program? I am most excited for the Professional Development and Personal Leadership Insights courses.

If you could have lunch with one person (living or dead), who would it be? And why? I would want to have lunch with Carmen Herrera because it took her until her 80s to finally start showing in galleries and I would want to ask her about her career and her life and what made her persevere for that long. She is a true inspiration.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, they would be… Creative, loyal, fierce

If someone made a movie about your life, what would it be called and who would play you? “Dreamscape Diaries” and I would be played by Miley Cyrus

. Which leader or influential figure inspires you the most and why? Malala Yousafzai because she advocates for women’s and children’s education rights even under extreme adversity.