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Muskan Sood

Muskan Sood
BS in Marketing; Minor in Information Systems, University of Arkansas

Area(s) of Interest: TV/film, Fine arts, Performing arts, Dance, Nonprofit work, Entrepreneurship, PR/Marketing

Ideal Job in 10 Years: I would like to be working in the film industry or other entertainment fields.

What led you to enroll in the MSLCE program at Northwestern? I wanted to explore and learn more about creative industries and the opportunities within them. I hope through this program I will be more knowledgeable about the different career paths available to me.

What are you most looking forward to about the MSLCE program? I am very excited for finding an internship and for the “Marketing Strategies” class.

Which leader or influential figure inspires you the most and why? Selena Gomez because she has achieved so much throughout her life but she has never forgotten where she came from and the struggle she went through to get to where she is today. I think being down to earth results in more success and happiness. I have learned from her that no matter how rich or successful you get, there will always be room for improvement.

Where are you from? Rogers, AR, USA