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Kathryn Hoffman

Kathryn Hoffman
BA in Political Science, Butler University

Area(s) of Interest: Music, TV/film, Visual arts, Performing arts, Theatre, Video/digital media, Entrepreneurship, PR/Marketing

Experience: I was head manager of a BIG EAST basketball team. Before the pandemic, I also joined an incubator/accelerator program to try and get my entrepreneurial pursuit started.

Ideal Job in 10 Years: Creative Director, Creative Strategist, and/or Serial Entrepreneur

What led you to enroll in the MSLCE program at Northwestern? I was motivated by the range of opportunities the knowledge from these courses will supply while I continue to uncover my career aspirations.

What are you most looking forward to about the MSLCE program? I’m looking forward to the “Strategic Storytelling” course.

If you could have lunch with one person (living or dead), who would it be? Probably Oprah. She’s Chicago’s very own and I’m sure I could learn a thing or two from her about optimism and, of course, personal brand building.

Which leader or influential figure inspires you the most and why? I’ve always been inspired by Beyonce. I know that might sound generic, but she was one of the first musicians I really started listening to. I was a fan since Destiny’s Child. It was just nice to see someone who looked like me doing something I’ve always been passionate about.

Where are you from? Chicago, IL, USA