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Elizabeth Carner

Elizabeth Carner

BA in Theatre, Stage Management/minor in History, Beloit College

Experience: Stage management intern at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, volunteer in the local theatre community in Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin.

Areas of Interest: Music, TV/film, Visual arts, Performing arts, Theatre, Video/digital media, PR/Marketing

Ideal Job in 10 Years: PR/ Marketing or working for a talent agency

What led you to enroll in the MSLCE program at Northwestern? My increased interest in media as a marketing tool for the arts.

Favorite (song/movie/show/festival/exhibition … )? “Sully”

What are you most looking forwards to about the MSLCE program? Digital TV was the class that caught my attention first but I am excited about the speakers, site visits and internship that are in this program.

What is your favorite Chicago landmark/attraction, or what are you most excited to visit?  Millennium Park

If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be? Tom Hanks, because I think it would be cool and also because he has had such an influence on my generation with the films that he has done.

If you had to describe yourself in three words they would be … Motivated, Attentive, Courteous

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Chicago but I also like New York so If I could bounce between the two I would.

If someone made a movie about your life, what would it be called and who would play you? Quiet Fighter, Amy Adams

What thought or message would you put in a fortune cookie? You get out what you put into your dreams

If you could donate one million dollars, which cause/organization would you choose to support? I would donate it to cancer research because many people I know had/have cancer.

What award would you most like to win? Most persistent award

Where are you from? South Beloit, IL/ Midwest USA