Course Schedules

 Course Schedule Academic Year 2016-17

Fall Quarter 2016 Courses Type Faculty Day & Time
Organizational Processes in Creative Enterprises Core Pablo Boczkowski Thurs. 2-5pm
Understanding the Creative Industries Core Jacob Smith Tues. 2 – 5 p.m.
Professional Development Seminar Core Jonah Zeiger Thurs. 5 – 6:30pm
Culture and Arts Analytics Elective Agnes Horvat Wed. 9am – 12pm
Arts and Entertainment Law & Ethics Elective Rick Morris Thurs. 2 – 5 p.m.
Pitching Creative Projects Elective Laverne McKinnon Saturdays, 9-6pm (4 total)
Winter Quarter 2017 Courses Type Faculty Day & Time
The Business of the Creative Sector Core Cory Sandrock Wed. 2-5pm
Business Models in Creative Enterprises Elective Daniel Gruber Tues. 2-5pm
Understanding Media Markets: Users, Makers, and Metrics Elective James Webster Thurs. 2-5pm
Digital Television Elective Aymar Jean Christian Tues. 9am-12pm
Professional Development Core Jonah Zeiger Wed. 11am-12:30pm
Spring Quarter 2017 Courses Type Faculty Day & Time
Marketing Strategies in Creative Industries Core Richard Kolsky Mon. 9am – 12pm
Cultural Nonprofit Organizations Elective Larissa Buchholz Thurs. 2 – 5pm
Leading Creative Teams Elective Gail Berger Thurs. 9am – 12pm
NUvention Arts: Entrepreneurship Elective Gregg Latterman Fri. 10am – 1pm
Culture and Globalization Elective Claudio Benzecry Wed. 2 – 5pm
Professional Development Core Jonah Zeiger Mon. 12 – 1:30pm