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Category: Student Profiles

MSLCE Student Hopes to Fuse Food and Art

By Miya Williams Reavens Lee’s dream job is to own a design and media company that focuses on culinary art. “Food has always been my core spirit,” she said. “I want to work with it creatively and make it my career.” Lee’s first love was art. In junior high she enjoyed anime, and began drawing

MSLCE Student Hopes to Pivot from Theater Teacher to Administrator

By Jacob Nelson Joe Giovannetti has known he wanted to pursue a career in theater since high school. Not as a student, but as a teacher. Giovannetti was the director of choral activities at Arlington Heights High School. “I taught choir and theater at the high school level, and so what interested me is that

MSLCE Student Wants to Bridge Creativity and Technology

By Miya Williams Avielle Suria is not sure if she wants to work for a nonprofit or a software company, but she is certain of one thing: she wants to “think creatively in whatever career path [she ends] up pursuing.” Suria currently works part-time as an administrative coordinator for the Center for Independent Futures, which

MSLCE Student Finds Happiness Through Design

By Miya Williams Gaoyuan Huang wants to make his drawing “more spectacular.” The Fudan University, Shanghai grad has been drawing since his youth, in part due to the influence from his mother who is an art teacher. Now, he wants to take his skills to the next level by learning how to do special effects

MSLCE Student Plays to the Tune of Her Own Trumpet

By Miya WIlliams Samara Desrochers was born into a musical family. The Canadian native has a lot of kin who play instruments, including her grandfather who played the trumpet. Desrochers started playing trumpet herself when she was only eight years old, but now she is interested in what happens off stage. “I spent a lot

MSLCE Student Hopes to Run a Creative Studio for Children

By Jacob Nelson Ashwathi Iyer takes theatre seriously, but when it comes to her pursuit of a theatre career, she’s more than willing to let loose a joke or two. Asked who would play her in the movie about her life, she responded, “I’d play me!” The reason? “I can tell my parents how spending

MSLCE Student Looking to Make an Impact in TV + Film

By Jacob Nelson Quinton Sprull had a lot pulling him towards the MSLCE program. First, there was his lifelong interest in media and entertainment. Then there was his love for all things Northwestern (he received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern and then worked for four years at Northwestern Qatar.) Most importantly, the program was unlike

MSLCE Student Aspires to Run a Dance Studio for People with Special Needs

By Miya Williams Paige Lester started dancing as a toddler when her mom put her into a ballet class and hasn’t stopped since. Now, she hopes to run a dance studio where she can pass on her love for dancing to people with special needs. “Whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally or socially, being a

New MSLCE Student Makes the Jump from Finance to Art

By Jacob Nelson Kiko He majored in finance and then spent a few years working in the finance industry before she realized that she was much more interested in oil paintings and photography than she was in investment banking and public equity. So she decided to make a change. Now, the Shenzhen, China native is

Incoming MSLCE Student Combines Business and Theatre Knowledge

By Jacob Nelson Like many aspiring theatre professionals, John Hounihan got started in college. However, unlike others, he started by completely revamping his university’s theatre company. While studying management at the University of Houston, Hounihan oversaw the Honors College Club Theater and directed a number of plays for the organization. In doing so, he helped