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Category: Student Profiles

MSLCE Student Hopes to Turn Television Passion Into Industry Career

By Amy A. Ross Morgan Zankich takes her television watching very seriously. She invests a significant amount of her time and attention watching shows, assessing their quality and trying to figure out what makes them work. “My hobbies pretty much revolve around watching television. I have most of the streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon,

MSLCE Student Hopes to Spread Music, Drama Through China

By Jacob Nelson Dianyi Wu’s passion for drama and music emerged out of her undergraduate experience at the University of Southern California. Living in Los Angeles and getting access to a variety of performances made her wonder about the power of art to influence people. “I want to spread the spirit of musicals and dramas

MSLCE Student Hopes to Merge Love For Writing With Innovation and Technology

By Amy A. Ross Like many undergrads, Scotty Stieber entered the University of Iowa without a clear idea what he wanted to study. He started studying journalism, but found his interests shifting to communication studies, looking specifically at public relations, advertising, and copywriting. “I discovered that what I am really interested in is analyzing societal

MSLCE Student Dreams of Helping Documentaries Make Social Change

By Amy A. Ross She isn’t a director or a producer, but Laura Hess’ dream is to help make documentaries catalysts for change. The ultimate goal: engaging audiences with inspiring stories to promote social change. Hess’ desire to become an effective “impact producer” motivated her to return to Northwestern University, more than a decade after

MSLCE Student Hopes to Fuse Music and Marketing

By Jacob Nelson For Sherry Zhi, creativity makes all professions better, not just the artistic ones. Though she’s interested in music and drawing, her goal isn’t to be a professional artist, but to make creativity an integral part of whatever industry she ends up in. “Whenever you do some project, it’s art,” she said. “It’s

MSLCE Student Wants to Fuse Business Savvy with Creative Spark

By Amy A. Ross Three and a half years into a successful career at a global catering company in the United Kingdom,  Natalia Krzywicka-Acosta realized she wasn’t ready to settle down. Getting nominated by her colleagues for an internal company award, and getting into the top 5 of close to 40,000 employees, pushed Krzywicka-Acosta to

MSLCE Student Aspires to Make Music for Film, TV, and Stage

By Jacob Nelson As an undergrad at Northwestern, Jared Corak got the chance to write the music and lyrics for the Waa-Mu Show, one of the big student musicals staged on campus. The experience came at the peak of his interest in musical theatre. “Then I kind of realized that some of my other passions

MSLCE Student Wants to Grow Chinese Music and Film Markets

By Jacob Nelson Edwin Zhang believes every industry can be seen as creative. “Every company needs creatives to survive,” he said. The current MSLCE student graduated from the University of California San Diego, where he studied international studies and economics.

An Art and Tech Enthusiast Joins MSLCE to Pursue Both

By Amy A. Ross When Stephen Whitney peeks into his future, he sees two things: technology and art. Figuring out a way to marry the two is what motivated him to apply to the Master of Science in Leadership for the Creative Enterprises. Whitney received his undergraduate degree from one of the top Philosophy programs