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Category: Student Profiles

Student Begins MSLCE After Inspiring Film Fest Experience

By Jacob Nelson While studying at Hampton University, Jaquise Cofield got valuable film experience producing, directing, and writing. But her real film education arrived when she interned for Paramount during the 2015 Toronto Film Festival.

MSLCE Student Helps Dance Studio Plan for the Future

By Hayley Bullock I’ve always heard the euphemism “a New York minute” but I fully didn’t appreciate the meaning until I moved to the Big Apple. Time is really flying by and things are cooking at BodyStories. As I dig deeper into my internship and get my hands into multiple projects, I am realizing that time

MSLCE Student Believes in the Power of Film

By Jacob Nelson While earning his undergraduate degree in film at Northwestern, MSLCE student Win Winter worked on a few movies that were shot and produced by students. The experience taught him a valuable lesson: he doesn’t want to be an editor. “I don’t know if I want to do editing and be cooped up

MSLCE Student Hopes to Save Print Journalism

By Miya Williams “I want to find what will make newspapers viable again,” said MSLCE student Jessica Neary. While some publications like the New York Times are exploring new ways to stay relevant and profitable, Neary contends that no one has quite figured it out. “As far as online goes, I think everyone is struggling,” she said. Neary

MSLCE Student Hopes to Be a Professional Pop Singer

By Jacob Nelson Linling Navarro has set her sights high: she wants to be a pop star. “The end goal is to become a professional singer, performing in huge venues, touring, selling albums,” the MSLCE student said. It’s an ambitious goal, and one she’s been already working towards for years. As a Northwestern undergrad studying

MSLCE Student Hopes to Turn Television Passion Into Industry Career

By Amy A. Ross Morgan Zankich takes her television watching very seriously. She invests a significant amount of her time and attention watching shows, assessing their quality and trying to figure out what makes them work. “My hobbies pretty much revolve around watching television. I have most of the streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon,

From Sculpting to Stand-Up Comedy, MSLCE Student Reimagines Her Career in the Arts

By Amy A. Ross Allison Riddle has long intuited her life would revolve around the arts; however, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that she even imagined a career in comedy. Riddle attended Eastern Michigan University, and during that time she developed her skills as a sculptor using non-traditional materials like fabrics and