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Category: Student Profiles

MSLCE Student Hopes to Work Behind the Scenes in Entertainment Industry

By Jacob Nelson Krystal Zheng’s parents thought she’d grow up to be a professional musician. They sent her to a private music school when she turned five, and she fell into a routine of singing and piano practice. It wasn’t exactly what Zheng had in mind as a life’s pursuit, but it wasn’t far off

MSLCE Student Hopes to Launch a Record Label in Australia

By Amy A. Ross When she was 19 years old, Shelley Bishop left her home in Brisbane, Australia, determined to explore the world for a year. A few months later, she found herself happily settled in Elmhurst, Illinois, studying Music Business and Jazz Composition. During her time there she did in fact get to see the

Before Grad School, MSLCE Student Started a Production Company

By Jacob Nelson Daniel Dvorkin’s creative career started earlier than most. In 2008, he began a production company called Two Lights Theatre Company with Rebecca Leifman when the two were studying theatre at DePaul University in Chicago. Seven years later, Two Lights is still cranking out shows. “When we started it I never had an

On Track to Become an Electrical Engineer, MSLCE Student Does a 180

By Amy A. RossOne year studying Electrical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines taught Amanda Strong lots of lessons, none more important than that she had no desire to be an Electrical Engineer. “My time there made me realized the things I love about engineering, which had more to do with the business, project

MSLCE Student Hopes to Make Dance More Inclusive for Minorities

By Amy RossHayley Bullock hadn’t been walking very long by the time she started to dance. At the age of three she was taking tap, jazz and show choir lessons and soon after was performing in public, including a performance at Disney World. However, when she turned 15, Bullock abandoned her dream of becoming a

Incoming MSLCE Student Aspires to Develop Shows for NBC

By Amy Ross When you ask Scott Lederman to dream big, his mind drifts off to 30 Rock in New York City, somewhere inside the NBC Television Network headquarters. Although most children love television, his fascination only grew with age, as he reflected on how production teams came up with ideas that would capture the

Internship at Oprah Winfrey Network An Unforgettable Experience for MSLCE Student

By Melissa Cline A famous quote by James Herriot states, “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”  It made me think, if cats are connoisseurs of comfort, then what are Wildcats? Throughout my internship journey, from the application submission, to now completing my last week at the Oprah Winfrey Network, I was everything but comfortable. It took

MSLCE Student Applied Classroom Lessons to Art Gallery Internship

By Mona Fu I interned at Tyler Rollins Fine Art this summer for about three months. This gallery focuses on promoting contemporary Southeast Asian artists, such as Tiffany Chung, Henri Dono, and Sopheap Pich. During my internship, I was responsible for researching and recording clients’ information into the gallery’s database and managing the invitation process