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Category: Industry Immersion

Tips for Successful Professional Engagement in the Creative Sector

By Colin DeKuiper Opportunities to speak with industry professionals abound, whether you are still in school and can attend invited speaker events and conferences or network with alumni, or are in a professional setting such as a work event, social event, or a colleague-referred meeting. It is important that you are well prepared to maximize

MSLCE Student Gets Advice from Facebook, Pandora on SF Trek

By Robyn Latchford Our trek began with Michael Holtmann, who spoke of his work for the National Endowment for the Arts and his current work for the Center for the Art of Translation. We all loved his congenial manner and his insightful stories about his career path and finding enjoyment in his work. I especially

Student ‘Ready to Pursue My Dreams’ After MSLCE Trip to SF

By Kaitlin Very The San Francisco trek was truly invaluable to me. While both of the other treks were great learning experiences, what set this last one apart was the unique balance of nonprofit and for-profit industry leaders with whom we met. Our speakers represented a wide variety of industries and roles, and they all

Threadless Founder Describes Starting Company as a Hobby at MSLCE Event

By Amy A. Ross It took Threadless six years of success to persuade its founder and CEO, Jake Nickell, that it was capable of becoming something more than side-project. Although the rapid growth of his business venture had provided proof that he did in fact “know how to build e-commerce websites,” it took a little

British fiction-writer found success in e-publishing

Quinn’s book The Thieftaker came out in September. Her upcoming novel Masquerade is expected to be published sometime in the second half of the year. By Amy A. Ross Had traditional publishing been her only choice to get her books into the market, Katherine Quinn‘s career as a fiction writer might not have made it

In the Hostile World of Freelance, a Seasoned Photojournalist Reinvents Himself

By Amy A. Ross At first glance, it can seem hard to imagine that a professional photographer with a portfolio as thick and impressive as Jeff Haynes’ would find himself struggling to find enough work to make ends meet. Over the span of 25 years, Haynes’ career included news coverage of an seemingly endless list

Pitchfork Media Finance VP Talks Getting Into Print, Organizing Festivals

By Jacob Nelson What was your path to your current position at Pitchfork? I started as an intern at Pitchfork in October of 2005, prior to that I had worked as a bookkeeper for a couple manufacturing companies out in the suburbs while I completed my bachelor’s program at DePaul. From my internship, I dabbled

Chicago-based Graphic Production Company Creates Titles for Marvel Movies

By Amy A. Ross For someone who hadn’t the faintest idea of what she was getting herself into when she founded her own production company in 2009, Erin Sarofsky certainly didn’t let it show. In a matter of just five years, Sarofsky Corp. has allotted an impressive portfolio with work for clients as noteworthy as