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Category: Industry Immersion

Designed to Innovate: MSLCE Students Take a Trip Through the Lookingglass

By Daniel Dvorkin Upon leaving downtown’s iconic Water Tower from a site visit to Lookingglass, I ran into our speaker and company Artistic Director, Andy White. He was picking up a sandwich board from the theatre’s sidewalk that had fallen over, prey to the Chicago winds. To this day Mr. White continues to unpretentiously treat his

Music Biz Innovators Remain Optimistic in the Face of Change

By John Matthew Simon “Sometimes you have to stop, assess yourself, and start over,” extolled JMA founder, Jeff McClusky, as he spoke enthusiastically about the ever-evolving state of the music industry. Optimism appears to be the uniform of those poised with the task of shattering or mutating old business models that previously relied on standardized

Northwestern Professor Talks Crowdfunding with MSLCE Class

By Cameron Kong Liz Gerber, Associate Professor of Design at Northwestern recently stopped by the MSLCE Professional Development class to discuss crowdfunding. After describing her early experience in a toy company as a product designer, Gerber told us about some myth-breaking moments that led her to reconsider her career path. At that time, her company was

The Real Life Elevator Pitch

By Colin DeKuiper The elevator pitch: the hypothetical situation where you find yourself in an elevator with someone that you want to work with, and you have only the time it takes to travel a few floors to introduce yourself, your value, and a proposition.

Owners of Craft Company Built Business On Friendship and Creativity

By: Evyenia Constantine Sarah Kirkham and Anna Warren have no formal business background. However, their collaborative approach to the business side of their creative work has resulted in a successful leather crafting company called Tactile Craftworks. Last week, the MSLCE Project Management students welcomed the guest speakers from Milwaukee, WI, as they shared their stories and business tips during an hour-long class visit.

Advice From a Presentation Guru on Leadership and Communicating Authenticity

By John Matthew Simon At times, the hardest part about leadership can be conveying your beliefs effectively and convincing others to share them. This is why Brian Burkhart, founder of the presentation and strategy firm SquarePlanet, emphasizes that “a presentation is an opportunity.” At the core, effective presentations require a deep understanding of what you believe. And this

Chicago International Film Festival: A Conversation with Michael Barker, Co-President and Co-Founder of Sony Picture Classics

  By Evyenia Constantine This year’s Chicago International Film Festival featured the debut of Industry Days, a series of panels featuring an impressive lineup of both up and comers, and veterans of the film industry. Michael Barker, Co-President and Co-Founder of Sony Picture Classics, took part in an intimate one on one conversation with festival

At Threadless, It’s All About The Art

By John Matthew Simon “We never want to become static,” said Jeffrey Guerrero, the graphics coordinator at Threadless, as he gave us a tour of their Madison Street madhouse on Chicago’s near west side. Founded in 2000 by Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart, the e-commerce platform and artist community is the longtime darling of Chicago’s

As Chicago’s Film and TV Business Booms, Periscope Grows With It

By Daniel DvorkinOver the past number of years, the landscape in Chicago’s film and TV world has been changing. With Cinespace coming into the picture, four major shows in production (not including Showtime’s currently filming Chicago project, Executive Produced by Common), and production companies springing up like rabbits, there became a great need for a