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Northwestern Professor Teaches Students How to Lead

By Jacob Nelson For Northwestern Assistant Professor Gail Berger, good leadership comes from people who understand themselves as much as they understand their team. Berger, who is teaching a spring course in MSLCE that focuses on developing key leadership skills, described how important it is for a good leader to have a keen perception for

Panel Talks Startup Funding with MSLCE Finance Class

By Jenna MyersCory Sandrock’s finance class experienced a real-world example of the power of networking when Sandrock invited three of his former colleagues from the business world and the theatre world to speak to the class about finding capital to support a new business. Panel members included John Stoops, founder and executive director of Three

MSLCE Class Looks at Business Models in Creative Enterprises

By Jacob Nelson To teach his students about the relationship between business models and technology in the creative enterprises, Northwestern Assistant Professor Dan Gruber talked about Pixar. The animation studio responsible for a string of huge hits like the “Toy Story” series and “The Incredibles” was acquired by Disney in 2006. When that happened, Pixar

MSLCE Professor Teaches Aspiring Creatives How to Raise Money

By Jacob Nelson Cory Sandrock wants to teach his students the stuff he wished he’d learned when he was an undergraduate studying theatre: how to raise money. A Northwestern alum who majored in theatre, Sandrock has always been interested in live performance. He recently directed a production of Frankenstein at a community theater in Elmhurst,

NU Professor Teaches Course on Digital Television

By Jacob Nelson Aymar Jean Christian is trying to change the way his students think about television. “When we think of TV we think of corporate produced products,” he said, “but that’s only a result of a very specific developing process so TV distributors can make money.” Watch the faculty profile of Aymar Jean Christian

MSLCE Professor Talks About His Production of ‘Frankenstein’

By Jacob Nelson Cory Sandrock had some important advice for the cast of his theatrical production of Frankenstein, now playing at Asbury Hall in Elmhurst. “What I want is stunned silence,” Sandrock told his cast. He explained that, unlike comedy, where the cast gets a payoff in the form of a laugh at each funny line, it’s

Northwestern Faculty Directs ‘Frankenstein’

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out a new production of ‘Frankenstein’ produced by the Greenman Theatre and going on at Asbury Hall at First United Methodist Church at 232 S. York in Elmhurst. Directed by Northwestern Finance Faculty Cory Sandrock, the show debuts Friday and goes through Nov. 9. “When adapting the

MSLCE Professor Interviewed About Media Audiences

By Jacob Nelson Northwestern professor James Webster, who has a new book out that focuses on the effects of a proliferation of media choices in the digital age, talked about media audiences in an interview with the American Press Institute published last week. Webster, who is teaching a course this quarter about media audiences in

Fall Course to Explore How Media Audiences Form

This is the continuation in a series on faculty teaching in the MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises program. By Jacob NelsonAt first, a weatherman predicting rain may not sound too different from a website predicting what movie you should watch. Both are using a lot of data to make an educated guess. Jim Webster