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MSLCE Student Learns Marketing as Shawnee Mission Theatre in the Park’s Social Media Intern

By Sarah Bergeson

Interning at Shawnee Mission Theatre in the Park is both a homecoming and a new adventure for me this summer.

The position allows me to return home to Kansas City as well as return to the theatre I’ve been attending since I moved to the area in 2007 and to the office I worked in last summer. The new adventure comes from the job itself: Social Media Intern. This is my first professional foray into marketing, so I’m learning a lot of the hard skills on the job. (more…)

Touching the Wall: Making History in the Pool and in the Theaters

By Laura Hess

Four-time Olympic gold medalist. World record holder. American record holder. Those are just a few statistics for swimmer Missy Franklin.

And yet, a documentary film chronicling her path, along with fellow swimmer and Olympic medalist Kara Lynn Joyce, to the 2012 London Olympics was released the same year as Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. The independent film releases included Birdman, Boyhood, Selma, Whiplash, and The Theory of Everything. So how can a swimming documentary about two young women compete on the distribution playing field? (more…)

MSLCE Student Helps Dance Studio Plan for the Future


By Hayley Bullock

I’ve always heard the euphemism “a New York minute” but I fully didn’t appreciate the meaning until I moved to the Big Apple.

Time is really flying by and things are cooking at BodyStories. As I dig deeper into my internship and get my hands into multiple projects, I am realizing that time is moving faster than I thought. Even though this experience is moving quickly, I have already been enriched with so much knowledge and am excited for things to come. As I learned more about the company and its operations, I have taken on more specific tasks and responsibilities. (more…)

MSLCE Out in the World – Letter from the MSLCE Faculty Director

By Pablo Boczkowski

A core element of the educational philosophy that provides the framework for the MSLCE program is the integration of theory and practice. During the fall, winter, and spring quarters, this manifests in the steady stream of industry speakers, the regular site visits to creative sector organizations, the emphasis on practical applications of concepts learned in the classroom, and the weeklong trek to Los Angeles and New York during spring break. (more…)

MSLCE Student Begins Internship at Dance Company

By Hayley Bullock

A small but forceful dance company, BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance, seems to be a great fit for an internship for me this summer.

I came into the MSLCE program with the desire to better understand dance companies in hopes that I could find ways to improve their business models. This opportunity will provide me with relevant knowledge and experience in starting and growing a dance company. By working across functions on a team with passionate and driven individuals, I hope to increase my knowledge of marketing, managing, and fundraising for a dance company. (more…)

MSLCE Student Begins Internship at Shedd Aquarium

By Seth Zimmerman

The John G. Shedd Aquarium opened its doors on May 30, 1930. That’s 4,492 weeks…and I have been there three of them.

It is easy to see how this institution has not only survived over the last 86 years, but thrived. The people who work there, in every department, are the best at what they do. They embody the Shedd’s mission statement to connect you to the living world, inspiring you to make a difference. Basically, this is not a job for them. My goal is to help out in any way that I can and maybe learn a thing or two about Public Relations, Shedd Adventures, and nonprofit management. (more…)

Distribution Disruption: How Tugg Is Changing the Relationship Between Filmmakers and Their Audiences

By Laura Hess

Engage. Empower. Entertain.

This is the mission of Tugg, an innovative crowdsourcing platform for cinema-on-demand film distribution. Founded in 2011, Tugg’s business model encompasses theatrical, non-theatrical, and educational licensing sales and strategic distribution for narrative and documentary films. (more…)

MSLCE Applies New Business Savvy to Marketing Internship

By Dan Li

Looking for an internship that fit what I was interested in was hard, so I am glad to be part of Savvo Digital Sommelier Solution’s marketing team.

Savvo is a digital marketing company focused on promoting wine brands with a digital and physical presence in the retail environment. They have created digital kiosks (more…)

MSLCE Professors Head to Japan for ICA16

Hiroshima Peace Memorial, in Japan.

By Jacob L. Nelson

Two MSLCE professors recently joined thousands of others in Japan for the 66th Annual Conference of the International Communications Association (ICA).

Northwestern professors James Webster and Aymar Jean Christian were two of about 3,000 attendees who made the long trip to Fukuoka, Japan for the five-day meeting of academics and industry professionals focused on the study of communication, held June 9-13. The conference presented just over 2,000 papers throughout the course of about 700 sessions, offering attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest and most fascinating research in the field. (more…)

MSLCE Professor Building an App to Give and Get Feedback

Today, we continue our feature where we ask an MSLCE professor three questions about the creative field they work in. Below is a conversation with Gail BergerAssistant Professor of Instruction at Kellogg, McCormick, and the School of Education and Social Policy, about building apps, giving and getting feedback, and becoming an effective team leader.

Can you briefly describe the app you’re developing, and who you think will find it most useful?

The app that I am developing, iEvolve360, is a tool that will help people easily provide and obtain feedback from each other. It is useful for anyone who is looking to grow and improve and can be used in academic and corporate contexts. By making it simple and straightforward to give and request feedback on a regular basis, teams and companies can create a “culture of feedback.” In other words, the stigma and fear often associated with constructive feedback will be removed, and instead people will truly view feedback as an opportunity to grow and develop. (more…)