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MSLCE Student Looking to Make an Impact in TV + Film

Sprull, Quinton HeadshotBy Jacob Nelson

Quinton Sprull had a lot pulling him towards the MSLCE program.

First, there was his lifelong interest in media and entertainment. Then there was his love for all things Northwestern (he received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern and then worked for four years at Northwestern Qatar.)

Most importantly, the program was unlike anything he’d heard of before.

“I admired how the MSLCE program was thought through as a tool for aspiring creative leaders to gain an incredible foundation in leadership across various creative industries,” Sprull said.

Northwestern has already given Sprull many opportunities to pursue his passion for the arts. While studying learning and organizational change, he maintained a blog with the campus news outlet North by Northwestern, he hosted a radio show for WNUR, and he had a nightly news podcast. (more…)

MSLCE Student Aspires to Run a Dance Studio for People with Special Needs

Lester, Paige headshot

By Miya Williams

Paige Lester started dancing as a toddler when her mom put her into a ballet class and hasn’t stopped since.

Now, she hopes to run a dance studio where she can pass on her love for dancing to people with special needs.

“Whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally or socially, being a teacher in the arts provides opportunity to help aid others with all types of personal development,” she said. 

While in high school, Lester was an assistant teacher at her home studio in Ridgefield Connecticut, Jean Cobelli Dance. She also volunteered at special needs day camps over the summers and had fun putting on plays at home with her older brother who has cerebral palsy.

“Growing up I saw the impact that participation and inclusion in the arts had on his peers, and I want to be able to provide that positive experience for others.” (more…)

New MSLCE Student Makes the Jump from Finance to Art

He, Chen HeadshotBy Jacob Nelson

Kiko He majored in finance and then spent a few years working in the finance industry before she realized that she was much more interested in oil paintings and photography than she was in investment banking and public equity.

So she decided to make a change.

Now, the Shenzhen, China native is beginning a new chapter of her life by enrolling in the MSLCE program, which she hopes will equip her with the skills necessary to start her own art investment company.

It’s an unsurprising pivot considering He is someone who is drawn to the phrase, “Don’t stay in your comfort zone, do what you fear and learn from it.” (more…)

Incoming MSLCE Student Combines Business and Theatre Knowledge

Hounihan-1By Jacob Nelson

Like many aspiring theatre professionals, John Hounihan got started in college. However, unlike others, he started by completely revamping his university’s theatre company.

While studying management at the University of Houston, Hounihan oversaw the Honors College Club Theater and directed a number of plays for the organization. In doing so, he helped grow its staff from about 15 people to 87, and helped skyrocket its audience from about 10 people to about 700.

“It is my biggest basis for my career goals and gave me valuable experience in theater administration,” Hounihan said. “It was the accomplishment that defined me as an undergrad.” (more…)

MSLCE Students Encouraged to ‘Take Risks’ and ‘Walk Proudly’ At Convocation

By Jacob Nelson

Shortly after receiving her degree from the MSLCE program on August 25, Ali Riddle reflected on the internship she’d soon begin at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“I used to fantasize about David Letterman interviewing me,” Riddle said. “It’s such an iconic institution, it’s overwhelming how much of a dream job it is.” (more…)

New EPICS Assistant Director No Stranger to Helping Students Succeed

By Jacob Nelson

Mandi Glowen, the new assistant director of EPICS to support the MSLCE program, is no stranger to helping students succeed in careers.


She’s spent about five years working in career counseling for students in a variety of roles. She began in Northwestern’s Career Advancement, where she worked for four years before transferring to EPICS. During that time, she has refined her collaborative approach to helping students figure out how to achieve their goals. (more…)

New EPICS Associate Director Brings Artistic and Business Experience to Role

By Jacob Nelson

Jonah Zeiger is a fitting choice for the new Associate Director of EPICS to support the MSLCE program: as a filmmaker, director, and producer who has been in the industry for almost 20 years, he knows his way around the creative world, from both the artistic and business perspectives. What’s more, as a former assistant professor at DePaul’s School of Cinematic Arts, he has the skills and experience it takes to teach those perspectives to aspiring creative professionals. (more…)

New MSLCE Course will Introduce Students to the World of ‘Big Data’

By Jacob Nelson

The term “big data” is everywhere these days, including the creative enterprises. Agnes Horvat’s Culture and Art Analytics course introduces MSLCE students to big data, and equips them with the skills to use big data in cultural markets.

“Big data is basically a buzzword and there is so much of it available now to everyone,”Horvat said. “It requires some knowledge to analyze, but it has the promise to give us practical insights.” (more…)