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A Season of Growth

For the third year in a row, students went on a week-long trip to a media capital in the United States. This year, half the cohort went to Los Angeles and the other half to New York. This trip is a critical moment in the curriculum of the program to make the connection between theory

The Start of a New Year

Growth and change mark the start of the third year in the life of the MSLCE program.The new cohort of students is the most diverse yet. They come from 8 different countries, and from 8 states within the US. Their college majors, interests, and professional trajectories could not be more diverse. We introduce you to

MSLCE Student Looking to Make an Impact in TV + Film

By Jacob Nelson Quinton Sprull had a lot pulling him towards the MSLCE program.First, there was his lifelong interest in media and entertainment. Then there was his love for all things Northwestern (he received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern and then worked for four years at Northwestern Qatar.)Most importantly, the program was unlike anything he’d

MSLCE Student Aspires to Run a Dance Studio for People with Special Needs

By Miya Williams Paige Lester started dancing as a toddler when her mom put her into a ballet class and hasn’t stopped since. Now, she hopes to run a dance studio where she can pass on her love for dancing to people with special needs. “Whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally or socially, being a

New MSLCE Student Makes the Jump from Finance to Art

By Jacob Nelson Kiko He majored in finance and then spent a few years working in the finance industry before she realized that she was much more interested in oil paintings and photography than she was in investment banking and public equity. So she decided to make a change. Now, the Shenzhen, China native is

Incoming MSLCE Student Combines Business and Theatre Knowledge

By Jacob Nelson Like many aspiring theatre professionals, John Hounihan got started in college. However, unlike others, he started by completely revamping his university’s theatre company. While studying management at the University of Houston, Hounihan oversaw the Honors College Club Theater and directed a number of plays for the organization. In doing so, he helped

MSLCE Students Encouraged to ‘Take Risks’ and ‘Walk Proudly’ At Convocation

By Jacob Nelson Shortly after receiving her degree from the MSLCE program on August 25, Ali Riddle reflected on the internship she’d soon begin at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. “I used to fantasize about David Letterman interviewing me,” Riddle said. “It’s such an iconic institution, it’s overwhelming how much of a dream job

Student Begins MSLCE After Inspiring Film Fest Experience

By Jacob Nelson While studying at Hampton University, Jaquise Cofield got valuable film experience producing, directing, and writing. But her real film education arrived when she interned for Paramount during the 2015 Toronto Film Festival.

New EPICS Assistant Director No Stranger to Helping Students Succeed

By Jacob Nelson Mandi Glowen, the new assistant director of EPICS to support the MSLCE program, is no stranger to helping students succeed in careers. She’s spent about five years working in career counseling for students in a variety of roles. She began in Northwestern’s Career Advancement, where she worked for four years before transferring