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Jacob Nelson

MSLCE Students Visit Lyric Opera of Chicago

By Nick RomanHow many cultural institutions reap the benefits of 45,000 steps of foot traffic every day? Lyric Opera of Chicago is uniquely set apart from other opera and cultural institutions because of its location in the heart of downtown Chicago.MSLCE students got an exclusive look into the organization on a site visit with Lyric’s

MSLCE Students Take the Stage at the 3rd Annual MSLCE Talent Show

By Charlie WeinGrad school is a lot of work. Essays, group projects, and all manner of research. In between all the reading and writing, it’s important to take time in between to relax, get together with friends, and just maybe even…bust out an impromptu showtune!All this and more happened on a grand Tuesday night for

Krizelle Cuevas Aspires to See the Diversity She Grew Up With Reflected in TV and Film

By Jacob NelsonKrizelle Cuevas’ early encounters with the creative sector mostly  unfolded in front of a crowd. She sang in her elementary school choir, played violin in high school, and took piano and jazz/hip-hop dance lessons.Then, while majoring in biochemistry at UCLA, Cuevas got involved with a Filipino choral group and a Filipino cultural production

At 11, Kristen Holt Got a Camera, and Found a Calling

By Jacob NelsonKristen Holt has always been fascinated with television and movies, but she really fell in love when she received her first video camera at 11-years-old. The MSLCE student and Long Beach, Calif. native began writing plays and short films.“I would force my younger cousins to be the actors and actresses to star in

MSLCE Students Learn How to Ace an Interview with Amanda Schonfeld

By Charlie WeinSo, you submitted your cover letter and your resume, you waited anxiously, then you got the call, they want to interview you for the job! But how should you dress? What should you say? How do you make yourself stand out from everyone else? Students in the MSLCE program at Northwestern had the

USA President and CEO Talks Supporting Artists During MSLCE Speaker Series Event

By Jacob NelsonDeana Haggag is the president and CEO of United States Artists (USA), a fundraising organization that grants fellowships to artists in different fields and from different backgrounds across the country. (USA recently announced its 2018 awards.)During Thursday night’s first Speaker Series event of 2018, Haggag described the origins of USA. The nonprofit began

MSLCE Student Lauren Schatzel Aspires to Run an Arts Nonprofit in Edgewater

By Jacob NelsonLauren Schatzel first grew interested in the arts at a Spice Girls concert. She saw Sporty Spice do a backflip while “singing,” and asked her mom how such a feat was even possible. That’s when she learned the meaning of “lip-sync.”Some people might have been disappointed by the realization that the performer they’d

Chicago Shakespeare Theater Executive Director Criss Henderson to Speak at Northwestern

By Jacob NelsonCriss Henderson has held only one “real” job throughout his adult artistic career – as Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s executive director. After nearly three decades, he still finds both of these facts surprising.“At 25, Shakespeare was the last theatrical genre I saw myself hitching my wagon to,” Henderson said during a recent interview. “I

MSLCE Students Learn the ‘Power of Pitching’ in Laverne McKinnon’s Course

By Dominique WarrenFrom the first day of The Power of Pitching class, Professor Laverne McKinnon challenged MSLCE students to rethink “pitching” as a match to be made, not a prize to be won. Ultimately, students learned that the most important element of a pitch is the person delivering it. People invest in other people first, then