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MSLCE Explores the Creative Sector in San Francisco

By Charlie WeinGrad school is a great place to learn valuable skills for the future. The MSLCE program does a wonderful job of providing a comprehensive education to young professionals looking to fast track their careers in the creative industries. However, while classes are valuable, there’s no substitute for examining how those acquired skills can

MSLCE Students Get Deeper Understanding of Digital Audience Creation

By Poorvi Nair Ever wanted to know how many people visit the top social media sites in the world? Or how much time each person spends on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and what demographics are visiting these sites? This winter quarter, many students took Understanding Media Markets: Users, Makers, Metrics, which explored the metrics side

Place Lab Tour Teaches Students the Impact of Community Building Through the Arts

By Tate Glover For our final winter quarter Arts, Public Purpose, and Policy class meeting, Dr. Jennifer Novak-Leonard set up a visit to Washington Park to see the work being done by Place Lab and Theaster Gates. Place Lab is an initiative developed by collaboration within the University of Chicago and led by professor and

MSLCE Students Learn How to Turn a Good Business Into a Great One

By: Charlie Wein So, you have an innovative idea,  strong networking, financial stability, and  brand recognition; you’ve got a good business, which is…good, but how do make it great? Students in the Leadership for the Creative Enterprises program spent winter term with professor Cory Sandrock figuring out how to take a good business and make

Arts, Public Purpose, and Policy Class Helps Students See the Big Picture

By Tate Glover How do we talk about the value of the arts? This was one of the key questions we set out to answer in Arts, Public Purpose, and Policy taught by Dr. Jennifer Novak-Leonard. In the class we spoke at length about the different ways that the arts are supported by government at

MSLCE Students Learn Strategies for Successful Television Production and Development

By Chad Hewitt The 2018 MSLCE cohort is comprised of emerging industry leaders specializing in a variety of different interests. Students in Dr. AJ Christian’s Digital Television class recently wrapped up a ten-week exploration into the ever-changing face of the television industry while learning strategies to develop their own ideas into reality.