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Alex Schneidman

Alex Schneidman
BS in Theatre, Northwestern University

Area(s) of Interest: Music, TV/film, Theatre, Video/digital media, Nonprofit work, Entrepreneurship, Tech/AR/VR, Design/Architecture

Experience: Northwestern’s vibrant student theatre community redefined for me the purpose and mission of arts/entertainment organizations. Through WAVE, the student theatre board on which I spent four years, I got to experience the many ways that being radically inclusive and community responsive strengthen an organization and the art it seeks to facilitate. It was the defining experience of my undergraduate life. I was also lucky to contribute to two Dolphin Shows, “the largest student produced musical in America.” It was no more obvious what incredible things can be done with the focussed and willing collaboration of so many eager people than watching those two productions come to life.

Ideal job in 10 Years: To be part of leading a mission-driven entertainment company that uplifts and emboldens marginalized voices across lines of race, class, gender expression, immigration status, ability, et al. It would also be imperative that it contain some sort of educational platform. But, I also want to help increase accessibility in New York City’s transit system.

What led you to enroll in the MSLCE program at Northwestern? This particular program’s cross-disciplinary approach and integration of diverse voices in its curriculum, faculty, and student cohort is unlike any other program. In this way, it is reflective of Northwestern’s overall academic approach, which is what lead me here in the first place.

What are you most looking forward to about the MSLCE program? If the immersion trips happen, I am very excited for those! And maybe this is boring, but I am very excited for the core classes.

Where are you from? Great Neck, NY