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MSLCE Student Gains On Set Experience With Internship

by Priyanshi Katare

MSLCE student Marcus Farne took on two internships this past summer. You can read more about his first internship, with talent booking company Shinabery Agency here. For his second internship, Marcus worked with CreatorUp, a one-of-a-kind digital platform and digital training company that helps companies engage with their audience through brand enhancing video and training content. .“My advisor informed me that CreatorUp was looking for interns specifically from Northwestern…he thought I was a good match because I had fourteen years of work experience in film production,” he elaborated, ”I shared with [MSLCE alum and CreatorUp internship supervisor] Danny Bittker my work experience and he hired me on the spot.”

Marcus worked as a Film Production Intern and contributed to a number of different projects throughout the course of his internship. He even worked as the assistant director for one of their video productions when getting staff from Los Angeles to Chicago proved difficult with the pandemic, and managed their film database and also worked on creating lookbooks — something he had never done before.

Throughout the course of his internship, Marcus had the opportunity to explore different facets of film production through his involvement in different projects: he worked on creating resources such as guidelines for self-taping videos at home during the pandemic and also worked on creating the COVID-prevention guidelines for crew for before they came back on set. “There are some great schools represented [at CreatorUp] but Danny always told me that none of us are enemies and that we’re all on the same team,” Marcus explained. Something he appreciated most about his time at CreatorUp was that there was a focus on balancing the technical work with the emotional connection. “We really work as one,” Marcus elaborated. 

While Marcus is still unsure of what the future holds and what jobs would look like over the course of the next few months, he is excited to see the course he takes. “Jobs I was looking at pre-grad school don’t exist anymore,” he elaborates, “ so there’s no use of me forcing things to happen or predict things because they are going to happen in their own course.” “I’m coming at my internship from the angle of just being here to learn and  that I don’t need to know everything,” Marcus explains. His biggest takeaway from the internship is that he needs to constantly learn at work and network while he’s at it.