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The Start of a New Year

Growth and change mark the start of the third year in the life of the MSLCE program.

The new cohort of students is the most diverse yet. They come from 8 different countries, and from 8 states within the US. Their college majors, interests, and professional trajectories could not be more diverse. We introduce you to six of them in this newsletter, and we will continue doing so in future issues during the academic year.

The new year also brings with it the addition of new faculty and staff. Agnes Horvat, a physicist who applies computational techniques to study the success of creative goods like movies and music, and Larissa Buchholz, a sociologist who specializes in the fine arts market, are new assistant professors the School of Communication who will teach in the MSLCE program. Jonah Zeiger and Mandi Glowen have joined the staff of the School and will support the MSLCE students in career development matters.

And as we welcome the new students, faculty, and staff, we are thrilled by the success of our graduating class of 2016. They not only did very well in their internships, but close to half of them managed to secure employment by the end of the program. Moreover, the diversity of their places of employment and their job titles is a testimony of the interdisciplinary foundation of the MSLCE program.

The journey of the third year in the life of the program has begun. Stay tuned for exciting updates along the way!

Pablo J. Boczkowski
Professor + Faculty Director

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