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MSLCE Reflects on Lessons Learned Interning at Savvo

By Dan Li

After 10 weeks of my internship at Savvo Digital Sommelier Solutions, I feel very happy with what I have gained and learned. It was a very different experience from the courses I took in both undergraduate and graduate studies. I am very grateful for the obstacles I have overcome, and I thank Joseph Sheahan,‎ CEO & Cofounder of Savvo, for the countless encouraging words he offered.

My marketing and analytics internship at Savvo helped me learn that there is no constant, underlying theory  that organizes the real world. Everything in the internship was flexible — there was no single way to do work. I did my work on my own, which was a valuable process of self-learning. Getting the work can done effectively and efficiently was all in my hands. There were times where I fell short on both sides, but there were some times when I was right on point. It was tough at first, but then I recognized my working pattern and overcame the difficulties. I made mistakes, but learned from them, and didn’t repeat them.

One of the biggest takeaways I learned from this internship is to think outside of the box. For example, I was required to research competitors of the digital marketing kiosk Savvo was providing. Of course, one would think the main competitors would be other digital kiosks that provided the similar service, but that was not enough. I had to think about other potential upcoming competitors that would replace the service Savvo was thinking about, and that was something more than just research. That involved getting creative and imaginative.

I really liked my internship at Savvo. The journey into the future is unknown, but I hope to continue doing work that I enjoy.

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