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MSLCE Program Director Reflects on the Fall Quarter

We have been busy implementing a series of changes to accommodate the growth of the Master of Science in Leadership for Creative Enterprises (MSLCE) program in its second year. The thirty-six students who are enrolled this year are benefiting from the addition of new classes and extracurricular activities designed to enhance their learning experience and career development potential. These changes include:

  • Four new classes: Organizational Processes in Creative Enterprises (fall), Professional Development (fall, winter, and spring), Marketing Strategies in Creative Industries (spring), and Culture and Globalization (spring).
  • Monthly site visits to Chicago-area creative sector organizations.
  • Twice-a-quarter, day-long executive education workshops that allow students to focus on competencies and knowledge that are essential for a successful career in the creative sector.
  • Twice-a-quarter seminars with distinguished Northwestern faculty who do not teach in the program but whose research is relevant to understanding the creative sector.
  • Social outings and community service projects to help build a positive and engaged culture among the student body.

These changes have made for a rich and intense learning and professional development experience. The students have embraced them, which made for a terrific fall quarter. Current student, Benjamin Levine, summarized as follows his experience of the quarter in an article he wrote on LinkedIn: “This first term was full of fantastic information that I’ve already applied to my career. While the program covers a wide variety of topics in a short period of time, they all function together well and function as pieces that build up into a bigger picture.”

With the winter quarter now in full swing, I can’t wait to see the continued growth of students both in the classroom and in their professional lives.

Pablo J. Boczkowski
AT&T Research Professor
Faculty Director, MSLCE