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MSLCE Student Hopes to Spread Music, Drama Through China

By Jacob Nelson

Dianyi Wu’s passion for drama and music emerged out of her undergraduate experience at the University of Southern California. Living in Los Angeles and getting access to a variety of performances made her wonder about the power of art to influence people.

“I want to spread the spirit of musicals and dramas with like-minded people, help it flourish and create a better platform for talents,” Wu said.

The experience was new for Wu, who grew up in a mid-sized city in China that held few performances. Wu’s goal after the MSLCE program is to bring more arts — more music and drama — to cities in China like the one she grew up in.

As a double major in accounting and finance, Wu learned the skills necessary to work in a corporate environment, then did so with internships in the finance industry. With the MSLCE program, she hopes to integrate her finance background with her passion for the arts.

“I want to build a deeper understanding of the industry, dig out my real passion, and get to know talented people,” she said. “In the far future, I want to start my own theatre company in China and make all those wonderful shows available to people.”