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MSLCE Student Hopes to Merge Love For Writing With Innovation and Technology

By Amy A. Ross

Like many undergrads, Scotty Stieber entered the University of Iowa without a clear idea what he wanted to study.

He started studying journalism, but found his interests shifting to communication studies, looking specifically at public relations, advertising, and copywriting.

“I discovered that what I am really interested in is analyzing societal shifts, especially in terms of technology and how technological advancements have shaped who we are and how we function among one another,” Stieber said.

He stumbled across his university’s writing program and found himself hooked on writing in general. While in college, Stieber spent some time at a small literary publisher in Iowa City, where he worked as a marketing and public relations intern and acquired knowledge about how creative industries work. His responsibilities included setting up venues for countrywide readings, aimed at helping authors gain exposure to their readers.

“In a lot of my past experiences, I’ve functioned as a middle-man, standing between two entities, and helping them negotiate who wants what and how to find a common ground,” Stieber said.

His desires to bring his interests and theoretical knowledge together into a tangible profession lead Stieber to apply to Northwestern’s MSLCE program.

“I decided to research some graduate programs last semester and Northwestern’s program really stood out to me because it has curriculum I feel felt would help give me the tools to launch myself into a really focused career,” he said.