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MSLCE Student Hopes to Fuse Music and Marketing

By Jacob Nelson

Sherry Zhi

For Sherry Zhi, creativity makes all professions better, not just the artistic ones. Though she’s interested in music and drawing, her goal isn’t to be a professional artist, but to make creativity an integral part of whatever industry she ends up in.

“Whenever you do some project, it’s art,” she said. “It’s creative, you have to gather your ideas.”

Originally from Beijing, Zhi was a communication studies undergrad at the University of Washington in Seattle. She also interned at a software company, working as the marketing assistant to the director. The experience got her excited about pursuing a career in marketing, ideally at a place that would expose her to different kinds of people with different skill sets.

“I want to be a marketing leader in a multinational company,” she said, “I like to work with people with different backgrounds.”

Zhi’s enthusiasm for the arts can be traced back to an experience she had volunteering at a jazz festival a few years ago, where she could see firsthand the power that music had on attendees.

“People enjoy music and art, it’s kind of like a cure,” she said. “People will always feel that.”

Zhi hopes the MSLCE program will equip her with the marketing and management skills she needs to find a marketing job that speaks to her creative passions.

“I want to find a way to combine music and marketing together to build a career,” she said. “I believe this program will be a perfect place for me to train my professional working abilities… to lead creative teams and projects.”