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MSLCE Student Wants to Fuse Business Savvy with Creative Spark

By Amy A. Ross

Three and a half years into a successful career at a global catering company in the United Kingdom,  Natalia Krzywicka-Acosta realized she wasn’t ready to settle down.

Getting nominated by her colleagues for an internal company award, and getting into the top 5 of close to 40,000 employees, pushed Krzywicka-Acosta to rethink her future goals.

“I was really proud but it gave me push to realize that I had achieved a lot, but also to realize what skills I had and wanted to develop,” she said. “I thought about an MBA but not many programs appealed to me because they focused so much on left side of the brain and I wanted the opportunity to use the left and right.”

Then she came across the MSLCE program and realized it combined the elements she was looking for to approach the media and communications areas of the creative sector she was most interested in.

“My company was very business oriented but creativity was restricted,” she said. “I am interested in roles where I can pursue my company’s goal, while at the same time getting to use my creative side.”

Born and raised in Poland, Krzywicka-Acosta moved to the UK 8 years earlier to pursue a degree in journalism at the University of Sheffield.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree, she interned at Newsweek Poland briefly, before returning to school for a Master’s Degree in Global Journalism.

Krzywicka-Acosta appreciates the value of being exposed to people in the creative sector who could offer insight into the world of creativity outside of 9 to 5 jobs.

“I am also really enjoying the diversity and how it allows me to expand my mind,” she said. “I’m loving being surrounded by experts in all these different backgrounds and I am learning so much simply by listening to them and how they approach problems in a very unique way.”