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MSLCE Student Interested In Working Behind the Scenes in TV and Film

By Jacob Nelson

While majoring in Creative Writing for the Media at Northwestern as an undergraduate, Zachary Hyman wrote and revised one hour-long television script and one half-hour script. He also learned about what goes on behind the scenes to get a television show produced.

It was while working as an intern, first at a production company in Los Angeles and then at a talent agency in New York City that he realized he was really interested in creative development.

“Writing is my passion and is something I’m always hopefully going to nurture,” Hyman said, but his decision to enroll as an MSLCE student stems from his desire to learn more about how a piece of writing can become a hit TV show.

“My agency experience really showed me how everything connects together really well,” he said. “How are contracts being signed? How do people get jobs? It was a great way to see everything from middle-man perspective.”

Hyman remains interested in television, and hopes to somehow use the skills he will learn to work on shows like FX’s recent adaptation of Fargo, which recently finished filming its second season.

“I found the character work to be incredibly strong, and the world was dynamic and interesting and anything could happen,” Hyman said about the show. “I really loved it.”

Hyman enjoys the way television can dive into a story in a way that film can’t, just by virtue of having more time to tell a story.

“The ability to make a series and just tell a story, an eight-hour long sort of epic, that to me is really cool,” Hyman said.

While he’s unsure exactly what role he would like to have within the television industry or the creative field in general, Hyman is excited to see what doors will open for him as a result of the MSLCE program.

“I have a lot of interests throughout this industry, and I’m hoping the program will help focus that in a little,” Hyman said. “I’m looking forward to working with the professors, taking these classes and really honing in on what I like most about this industry and what I want to do with that.”