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Film Producer Recalls Pushing for Jim Carrey in ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ Tells Students to Trust Creative Instincts

By Evyenia Constantine

Last week, film producer and co-founder of the Motion Picture Corporation of America (MCPA) Brad Krevoy, spoke to students from the MSLCE program, and other students within The School of Communication in the Guild Lounge in Scott Hall.

“Raise your hand if you are or want to be a writer, director, producer, or executive,” Krevoy asked the room. Just about every hand shot up, including mine. We were in for a captivating hour, packed with advice and engaging stories from Krevoy’s career with over a hundred credits to his name.

Krevoy described his early love of comedy and his eye for great material, revealing that he likes to pick early talent and bet on them. He produced films like Dumb and Dumber, recalling that he read the Farrelly brothers’ script, loved it, and decided to champion them, securing the deal and arranging for them to direct the film. Krevoy spotted Jim Carrey’s potential before he was famous, telling him, “You’re going to be a star,” and refused to take no for an answer when the studio initially refused to cast him. Krevoy also produced the films Kingpin, Beverly Hills Ninja, and the award-winning HBO original Taking Chance. Krevoy advised the audience to trust our creative instincts, as he did early in his career.

He encouraged us to stay open to new experiences: “You never know when opportunity is about to strike.” He also urged us to seek mentors and reach out to other industry pros, especially Northwestern University alumni. Krevoy stressed the importance of keeping an eye on upcoming trends in the entertainment industry, citing the market in China as “explosive.” The clear through-line of Krevoy’s presentation was to trust yourself and what you have to offer. “If you really believe in a creative idea,” he said, “and it’s in your gut and in your heart, go for it.”