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MSLCE Student Hopes to Work Behind the Scenes in Entertainment Industry

By Jacob Nelson

Krystal Zheng’s parents thought she’d grow up to be a professional musician.

They sent her to a private music school when she turned five, and she fell into a routine of singing and piano practice.


t wasn’t exactly what Zheng had in mind as a life’s pursuit, but it wasn’t far off either. The new MSLCE student is interested in working in the entertainment industry, but in a role that’s more behind the scenes than center stage.

“I really love meeting and being around talented and artistic people who are good at acting, performing, singing, dancing or modeling,” she said.

Zheng worked as a flight attendant until a few years ago. She quit so she could pursue a career in the creative fields, where, she says, “my passion truly lies.”

Because she’s so new to the field, Zheng was excited to apply to MSLCE, a program she hopes will open doors to her and give her the skills and opportunities to break into the jobs she’s passionate about.

“The program is just a perfect fit for me. It is so practical. It basically provides everything I need,” Zheng said.

The ideal job for Zheng is as a talent agent, though she also hopes to one day be a casting director.

“I would love to go out and discover new talent and help them develop their careers,” she said.