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Incoming MSLCE Student Aspires to Develop Shows for NBC

By Amy Ross

When you ask Scott Lederman to dream big, his mind drifts off to 30 Rock in New York City, somewhere inside the NBC Television Network headquarters. Although most children love television, his fascination only grew with age, as he reflected on how production teams came up with ideas that would capture the attention of their audiences and then made those ideas a reality.

He knew he wanted to work in television, but didn’t know exactly where he would fit into that equation, so when he was admitted into the University of Delaware, he decided to double major in Communication and Political Science. “Originally I wanLederman Pic editted to do both because I when I first got to school I didn’t know what kind of television I would wind up interested in. I wanted to open my doors to every aspect of television and politics seemed like a huge component for news, but also for late night television,” said Lederman, who is originally from Marlboro, Delaware.

However, soon after beginning to work at his university’s student television network, STN49, Lederman realized that his interests leaned not towards journalism, but rather toward the business and production sides of television. He began producing and directing a game show based on the Newlywed Game, and then worked his way up to Vice President and ultimately President of the network during his senior year.  As President, he oversaw the work of over 100 people and was able to develop and air new shows, improve membership and organize special events. “Being responsible for an entire network, its shows, and its members was an experience that has helped me become a better leader, communicator, and collaborator,” said the 22 year-old.

Learning to delegate and work as a team member were some of the most important lessons he learned about producing television. In January of 2014, Lederman also had the opportunity to intern at Animal Planet, where he sat in on executive meetings and was able to watch the high-ranks of a professional television network at work.  “Watching the pieces come together at Animal Planet, starting from the concept all the way to the finished product and the amount of work that goes into it just came to show me that it is really important to be a team player and it is equally important to be a good leader and a good follower,” said Lederman, who is a big fan of late-night talk shows, Homeland, and America’s Got Talent, to name a few. Lederman’s ultimate goal is to become a Television Development Executive, where he can lead a team whose job it is to find the next great writer, the next great director, and the next great show.

“I would be taking the puzzle pieces and putting them together so they show can be created and run,” he said. The dramatic changes in television consumption excite Lederman.  “I think it is going to be everywhere: phones, laptops, tablets and anybody can really make television now. It is going to be really interesting to see how networks cope with upcoming the competition,” said Lederman.