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MSLCE Student Applied Classroom Lessons to Art Gallery Internship

By Mona Fu

I interned at Tyler Rollins Fine Art this summer for about three months.

This gallery focuses on promoting contemporary Southeast Asian artists, such as Tiffany Chung, Henri Dono, and Sopheap Pich.

During my internship, I was responsible for researching and recording clients’ information into the gallery’s database and managing the invitation process for their participation in Basel Votal and the Seattle Art Fair 2015. I also helped with the preparation for their summer group exhibition “From the Shadows.” I created the exhibition labels and assisted with file maintenance and exhibition installation. It was a very interesting work experience and has provided me with a lot of knowledge about Southeast Asian art and the gallery’s operation in New York City.

The MSLCE project management course was really helpful for people who want to work in the fine arts sector. It helped me acquire the skills of organizing, coordinating, balancing, and execution so that I could work efficiently.

In addition, the business models course helped me understand some relevant trends in the sector. For instance, digitalization has been increasingly prevalent in recent years. The online fine art trading sites have a similar goal, which is to make the art accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Although it is still an emerging model in the fine arts, the technology of digitalization has been applied to so many industries and I think the online fine arts market has tremendous potential in the future.

The nonprofit arts management course gave me an idea of how a nonprofit arts organization operates, especially the museum administration. It complemented my knowledge in this area, and helped me better understand the organizational ecosystem of fine arts sector.

As I move forward in my professional endeavors in New York City, I will take with me all that I learned in our program. I would like to join companies with creative ideas and keep pursuing my interests in Asian art in the future.