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MSLCE Student Finds Career Path Doing Music Marketing at Sony

By Zach Silva

This past summer, I had the great fortune of interning for the Digital Marketing team at Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment. This experience has shown me the inner workings of music marketing and project development.

I worked on everything from social media copywriting to coordinating with sales on Legacy’s involvement in Apple Music. Some of my tasks included constructing social media calendars for artists under the Legacy and Sony Music umbrellas, giving input on marketing plans for upcoming Legacy releases, and finding better ways to engage with fans of these highly-respected artists.The best part was being able to work with some of the music that inspired me to pursue a career in the music industry in the first place and being around others who share the same passion.

Accomplishing tasks for the Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix estates has validated all the hard work I’ve put into my MSLCE studies and my pursuit of a career in music. Courses like Project Management, Entrepreneurship in the Arts and even Business Models gave me tools that I have found extremely advantageous over the course of my internship. Writing a report on Spotify and music streaming for Professor Dan Gruber’s course took on a whole new meaning when sitting in a digital marketing meeting discussing Legacy’s approach to Spotify.

Gregg Latterman taught us how to develop our own innovative ideas, which encouraged me to participate in the Sony Catalog Global Innovation challenge. Moving forward, I now have a better sense of my “career path.” I joined the MSLCE program mainly because of my career uncertainty. I was looking to build the right skill set and the best experience to find what will ultimately make me happy. The weekly readings and assignments during our summer internship course with Colin DeKuiper really put my internship and subsequent job search into perspective. I’ve been able to make a plan for the “next five years,” which includes pursuing music marketing and possibly moving into artist and product management. I’m grateful for the encouragement that my professors in MSLCE and Colin have given me as I work on making this dream a reality. Most of all, I’m so thankful for the relationships I’ve been able to build with my classmates in the program.

The diversity of interests and backgrounds in our group made for such an enlightening experience. I wish the best for everyone in their own career pursuits, and I look forward to meeting with them again down the road in professional settings.