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MSLCE Student Works to Turn Music Passion Into Industry Career

By Jacob Nelson

Years before Alec Schulman decided to pursue a career in music, he was a high school student touring Florida as a saxophone player in a ska band. Between performing live at concerts throughout the state and then going to Northwestern to major in saxophone, Schulman was on his way to being a professional musician.

Then, his music professor retired, and Schulman did a 180. He graduated with a major in political science, and started law school.

But his itch for a musical life persisted. Then he started seeing ads for MSLCE.

“Okay this is something I might be interested in,” Schulman said was his reaction to hearing about the program. “I liked how it could take my creative aspirations and make them into an entrepreneurial endeavor.”

Schulman is nearing the end of his time in MSLCE, and he’s excited at the doors the experience has opened for him, including an internship this summer at Warner Bros.’ creative licensing team. He’ll also be working at a talent agency two days a week.

“I really wanted to get back to the arts in some way, especially music,” Schulman said. “The program allowed me to explore that artistic side of me, but it also forced me to get serious about what I can practically do about it.”

Schulman also managed to get creative with his MSLCE assignments. For example, for his Leadership and Team Dynamics final, Schulman rapped in front of his class about being a leader.

“It was a lot of fun,” Schulman said, “and kind of ridiculous.”