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MSLCE Student Debuted Film at Cannes

By Jacob Nelson

Evyenia Constantine came to the MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises program to learn about the business side of the film industry.

“I really liked how this program is new, for artistic people to fine-tune and develop their business acumen for the field,” she said. That means she’s very excited about classes that, to others, may not sound that exciting, like finance and entertainment law. “What I’m working on now I will be able to use when I leave,” she said, “I’ll have a business plan to present to investors to get projects financed.”

Constantine earned a BS from The New School in New York City with a concentration in Film and Media Studies and worked as an award-winning producer on a film that debuted at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. When she decided to go back to school, she looked at Northwestern specifically because it’s where her mom earned her Master’s and PhD in social psychology.

Currently, Constantine is researching and developing two untitled projects, and what this program offers are the skills she needs to get “investors excited to invest.” She’s open to different jobs in the film industry once she receives her degree. “It really just depends on where the best fit is and where I can bring what I’ve learned here to the table,” Constantine said. Until then, she will continue to learn about the business side of media production, while considering ways to apply it to her own work. “Everything we’re learning now I’m finding a way to channel,” she said.