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Aspiring Graphic Designer Sets Sights for Disney

By Jacob Nelson

This is the fourth in a series of posts spotlighting new students in Northwestern’s   Master of Science in Leadership for Creative Enterprises program.

Ting Luan knew she wanted to learn graphic design before she even arrived at college. The recent Michigan State graduate grew up drawing, and was excited to hone her skills as a graphic design and communications double major. “I think that’s kind of interesting, to express what you’re thinking about in a visual way,” Luan said.

She’s excited to continue pursuing those skills this fall, when she will begin Northwestern’s new MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises, a one-year program designed to help students develop the business skills and industry contacts needed to thrive in a creative environment. She’s hoping the program will equip her with the skills she needs to work and lead others in her pursuit of a career in advertising or filmmaking.

“This program is designed for someone who wants to work in the creative field,” she said, “That’s my dream career.” A fan of 21st Century Fox and Disney movies, Luan hopes to finish this program ready to find work that can make use of her communications knowledge and creative abilities. While in college, Luan just missed an internship opportunity at Disney, and she hopes to get a second chance to work there or at a place like it after she graduates. “All the graphic things they do is really awesome,” Luan said about Disney movies. 

“If I had a chance to do an internship in those kinds of industries, that would be a great honor.”