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Dancer Looks to MS Program to ‘Jumpstart’ Her Life

By Jacob Nelson

This is the third in a series of posts spotlighting new students in Northwestern’s  Master of Science in Leadership for Creative Enterprises program.

For Ty Reggans, dancing is a form of communication as much as it is a passion – which makes sense, considering she’s been dancing for longer than she’s been doing just about anything else. “I’ve been dancing since I’ve been able to walk,” she said.

This fall, Reggans will begin Northwestern’s new MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises, a one-year program designed to help students develop the business skills and industry contacts needed to thrive in a creative environment. “Dance is using my body to communicate,” Reggans said, “which draws me to this program… it’s just as important as verbal communication.”

Reggans began dancing by exploring ballet, and soon moved onto jazz and hip-hop. Though she’s learned different kinds of dance over the years, the act itself has remained a constant in her life. “I’ve just done it for so long I can’t really see my future without it,” she said. But dancing professionally isn’t easy. There’s a lot of instability and, like acting, it’s a competitive field. “You don’t make a lot of money, it’s a scary industry,” Reggans said.

“You can be dancing one day and bussing tables the next, you don’t really know.” Reggans wants performing to be a part of what she does, but that she’s excited to learn different skills during the master’s program that may lead to other dance-related professional opportunities. She says she’d like to open a talent agency to help discover other dancers.

“Whether it’s teaching it, dancing, representing others, I want to do something that involves helping get other people’s messages across,” she said. Reggans has been teaching dance in different venues since she was a teenager. She’s looking forward to learning other leadership skills at Northwestern, and then taking those with her to the internship portion of the program. “I’m excited to travel, to take those lessons and run with them,” she said. “Northwestern could really help me jumpstart my life.”